Secure access for all privileged users. Centralized and documented.

Take control of all user activities in your IT and OT infrastructure.

Discover the leading PAM solution made in Germany

Privileged Access Management

Control You centralized all accesses of privileged users to internal IT and OT systems

Harmonise heterogeneous access requirements according to organisational guidelines

Rely on audit-proof records of every activity within IT and OT anytime and anywhere

Benefit from just-in-time provision of dedicated applications and access options


Remote Support

Have a central portal for all remote user connections without exception

Benefit from VPN-free allocation of dedicated applications instead of granting uncontrolled general access

Define allowed time slots, geo-locations, required applications and enforce two-factor authentication

Save all user activity as a record of performance to reduce effort


Data Transfer Control

Control the transfer of data and information between IT systems themselves and between IT and OT systems

Manage data exchange centrally according to organisational or individual rules and requirements

Determine properties that data must fulfil in order to be allowed to be transmitted

Obtain audit-proof shadow copies of all moving data for documentation purposes and root cause analysis

Proven solution

Since 2003 we have been VISULOX continuously in Germany. In doing so, we always adapt to the rapidly developing, individual requirements of our customers.

Made in Germany

Since 2003 VISULOX has been in continuous development in Germany. We pursue our vision and adapt to the rapidly evolving requirements of our diverse customers and the dynamic challenges we face together.

Reliable partner

We are proud to VISULOX worldwide through our mature and growing partner network. This allows us to VISULOX develop globally and at the same time act locally for our customers. 

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Zero Trust in SMEs: 10 steps to success

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