amitego is specialized on solutions to manage and control the access of privileged users to IT environments and the data. This access is made transparent and documented based on user level. Which is the base requirement to secure your information and to be compliant with actuals laws and regulations.


walking_klein_kopf_man_02-149x150amitego is the combination of the outstanding technical expertise of amitego engineering GmbH based in Stuttgart (Germany) and the successful and proven Sales and Service organization of amitego AG based in Switzerland


ordnerThe solution development is continously adding new and improving existing functionalities. Mainly based on customer feedbacks and requirements. Due to the flexibility of our solution we are able to fulfill market and customer requirements within short project schedules.


visuloxzahnrad100x100amitego is providing the solutions to the customer by a professional network of qualified, certified experienced partners. A support and service which is well seen by our worldwide customer base, which results in a constantly growth since foundation of the company in 2003.