Tailor-fit PAM Solution.
Cost-efficient and individual.


All internal and external accesses under control


Installation without agents on servers or clients


Development and support in Germany since 2003

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Just in Time Access Provisioning

Access can be granted on request only when it is immediately needed. In this way, SLA requirements can be met automatically. Access outside the defined specifications is not possible. 

Simplifies IT and OT operation

VISULOX Privileged Access Management shows all administrative activities within the IT and OT infrastructure at a glance. Use the possibility of secure desktop sharing to support operation teams, release VPN-free applications or revoke authorizations.

Centralization of access options

Dedicated access points for all external users and internal administrators allow internal and external staff to collaborate efficiently and manage the entire organization securely.

Scalable and flexible licensing

At amitego, we know how important it is to remain capable of acting in critical situations. That’s why our efficient collaboration always comes first, not our licensing model.

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