VISULOX Remote Support


Implementation without changes to servers / clients


Maintenance of safety zones


A central portal for all external service providers

Precise, secure and coordinated access control.

Provision of a centralized controlled entrance gate for all external service providers and employees

Remote maintenance requires the absence of local means of identification, such as a visibly worn service provider badge or physical access controls, as well as the obligation to personally accompany third parties or perform activities under the supervision of internal staff.

VISULOX Remote Support places a unique, central identification of the external user in the first place - and that before the user can take action internally. VISULOX Remote Support is a central portal for all logical external access options for service providers and third parties without exception and always assumes the unique identity of the user.

VPN-free, the required application is made available to the external user and yet security zones are maintained. centralized managed, efficient and seamlessly documented.

Operational Remote Support is not equal to remote access

Remote Support has Further risks

  • Abuse of privileged rights
  • Loss of service provision
  • "Vacuuming" data
  • Breach of data protection requirements
  • Unattended Lateral Movements

Remote Support has more far-reaching demands

  • Documentation and verification obligations
  • Context switch between user and administrator
  • Reversal of the burden of proof in the event of an incident
  • Budget and cost control for activities provided by third parties and service providers
  • Compliance with the organisation's internal rules and regulations

Who did what, when, why and where? Answer it.

Flexible role profiles for managing access rights

VISULOX Remote Support enables central access that cannot be circumvented and from which both parties - external and internal - benefit. In this way, VISULOX Remote Support provides all your service providers, external employees and third parties with central, secure and controlled access to your internal IT and OT infrastructure, independent of areas of activity and without you having to worry about individual connections.

External employees and service providers can be listed individually or on a group basis in internal repositories. After successfully checking the access rules applicable to a user, VISULOX Remote Support allows access to the applications assigned to him. The role profile stored for the user in the user repository controls the rights with which the respective applications may be accessed.

Allow access only when needed - Just in Time

Location, timing and execution are the cornerstones of the Just-In-Time concept. VISULOX Remote Support aims to protect precisely these elementary building blocks and provides external users with access only when needed. The following options can be set on a group basis or individually:

  • fixed periods of time, e.g. core working hours,
  • permitted geo-locations, e.g. registered office of the service provider,
  • shared IP addresses,
  • Multi factor authentication,
  • Specification of the Four Eyes Principle,
  • Duty to visually document activities

VISULOX Remote Support does not make any demands on the end device and does not require any changes to the server or the clients.

Useful and efficient in day-to-day business. Indispensable in unclear situations.

Enable, prohibit or unilaterally allow data transfer - centralized and documented

Remote maintenance often requires the installation of updates, patches and the use of information and large amounts of data. Both in the area of classic IT, but much more explosively in the area of industrial OT. VISULOX Remote Support makes it possible to define what kind of data is allowed to enter the network from the outside, whether it is to be released and checked or whether it meets individually predefined criteria.

In this way, processes in daily operations can be simplified and, above all, critical systems and machines can be safely accessed and administered. Documented and traceable at all times.

Maintaining overview and control in an emergency

Both live data on who is currently in the system and historical information on who did what, when and where within the internal network provide a valuable starting point in the event of a cyber incident. In an emergency, remove all users from the infrastructure without exception at the push of a button or start the root cause analysis on the basis of recorded user activities with a unique user ID, logs of transferred data in specific time periods or defined event logs in the form of audit-proof session reports.

VISULOX Remote Support offers central and complete documentation of all activities of external employees, service providers or third parties. The top priority is to eliminate errors, but this reliable information also provides a basis for clarifying the question of guilt and actively avoiding questionable incidents in the future.

Key Features

Dedicated application release

Allow third parties only the access that is actually needed and released, exclusively to necessary endpoints and individual applications - without the possibility of moving laterally in the network.

Compliance with statutory regulations

Meet legal requirements and industry standards for supplier security and access management. Audit-proof and documented.

One portal for all accesses

Reduce administrative overhead and provide seamless access control for external parties to your systems, based on your risk-based specifications. centralized and in your hands.

Scalable and flexible licensing

At amitego, we know how important it is to remain capable of acting in critical situations. That is why our efficient cooperation always comes first and not our licensing model.

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