VISULOX Remote Support


One central access point for all IT and OT service providers


Complete documentation of activities and operations


Made in Germany - For over 20 years


Who did what when where and how? Answer it.

Just in Time Access Provision

Accesses are providedautomatically only when they are authorized and needed.

Access outside of the specifications you define is excluded.

Simplifies IT and OT operations

VISULOX Remote Support offers the possibility of secure application sharing . Shows all administrative activities within the IT and OT infrastructure at a glance and offers the possibility to assign permissions to users according to the "least privileges" principle.

Audit and compliance requirements

A session recording logs all activities by third parties via film. Each film is encrypted, indexed and made searchable via OCR and key-stroke.

Users can rewind in their live session and review activities directly. Seamlessly and at any time.

Scalable and flexible licensing

At amitego, we know how important it is to remain capable of acting in critical situations. That's why we license users concurrently anddynamically, based on your needs.

Installation during operation without any changes to servers or clients.

Transparent safety. Made in Germany from a single source.

Control and monitor all privileged user access to IT and OT systems centralized.

VISULOX Remote Support is the central access point for infrastructures requiring protection
and puts unique, central identification of external users first:


  • Access from anywhere via web browser or client
  • Protocol break between end user and infrastructure
  • Role-based access to all types of IT applications - whether Windows, Linux or other IT/OT components accessible via TCP/IP
Centring heterogeneous access specifications

VISULOX Remote Support enables access to various applications from systems under Windows, Mac, Linux - for power users with a client component or purely based on HTML5 in the browser. Elementary security rules are observed and one principle is followed without exception:

Separation of the end device from the internal IT infrastructure

  • Resolution of anonymous collective accounts and documentation of each activity
  • No merging of different security zones and network areas
IT administrator configures VISULOX in cloud infrastructure on-premise

Useful and efficient in everyday life. Indispensable in case of emergency.

Enable, prohibit or actively allow data transfer - centralized and documented

Remote maintenance requires the application of updates, patches and the work with information and large amounts of data. Both in the area of classical IT, but much more explosive in the area of industrial OT. VISULOX Remote Support defines what kind of data is allowed to enter the network from the outside, whether it is to be released and checked or whether it meets individually predefined criteria.

In this way, processes in daily operations can be simplified and, above all, critical systems and machines can be safely accessed and administered. Documented and traceable at all times.

Maintaining an overview and control in an emergency

Both live information about who is currently on the network and historical information about who did what, when, where within the internal infrastructure provide a valuable baseline in the event of a cyber incident.

In an emergency, remove all users from the infrastructure at the push of a button, without exception, or begin root cause analysis based on recorded user activity. Recorded sessions provide,

  • Snapshots for quick browsing,
  • the possibility to search graphical recordings via OCR,
  • the entire key-stroke individual user,
  • Logs of all transferred files and information
  • Tables of contents with jump labels
  • all raw data of a user session.

VISULOX Remote Support offers a central and complete documentation of all activities of external employees, service providers or third parties. The top priority is the elimination of errors, but this reliable information also provides a basis for clarifying the question of guilt and actively avoiding questionable incidents in the future.

Precise, secure and
controlled access control

Implementation without changes to servers or clients

VISULOX Remote Support transparently interposes itself between the user and the application.

The solution can communicate with any application that is accessible via a network, including the common presentation protocols RDP, SSH, X11 via Siemens S5 and S7 up to Telnet and 3270 - simple and straightforward.

No more uncontrolled and undocumented system accesses

VISULOX Remore Support is the central access component between the user and his tasks. So it can be documented who has access to which application when and who authorized it when.

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