Remote Zero Trust Access  für jede IT und OT Umgebung.


Supports all operating systems - Without installing agents


Branding and customization of your remote portal


Integration of existing systems and functionalities

Die erste und einzige Zero-Trust-Access-Plattform zur Verbesserung der Sicherheit, der betrieblichen Flexibilität und der Benutzerfreundlichkeit für hybride Unternehmen. Made in Germany.

Over 500 companies rely on our solutions.

Ein zentraler digitaler Zugang zur Infrastruktur

Consolidation of remote tools

Enable external users to access your IT and OT infrastructure via a central inbound portal.

Access is provided just in time and only when authorized.

Access outside defined specifications is excluded.

More efficient service desk staff

VISULOX Remote Support works on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Chrome OS. Access any endpoint on or off the network - no VPN required.

Effortlessly establish RDP, SSH, VNC, Telnet, web portal connection among others - no agents required. 

Meet audit requirements

Session Recording logs via film all activities by third parties. Each film is encrypted, indexed and made searchable via OCR and key-stroke.

Users can rewind in their live session and review activities directly. Seamlessly and at any time.

Scalable and flexible licensing

At amitego, we know how important it is to remain capable of acting in critical situations. That's why we license users concurrently and dynamically, based on your needs.

Installation during operation without any changes to servers or clients.

Reduce risks and increase productivity at the same time.

Protection from attacks

Secure privileged identities and prevent unauthorized access or exploitation of elevated privileged rights.

External work, but secure

Provide users with only necessary applications. Control working time, access point and permissions.

Meet Audit & Compliance

Get visual records and logs of every individual activity and control any data transfer policy-based.

Contact us without obligation. We look forward to hearing from you.

We have already been able to solve many individual problems. Together with you, we will find the right solution. Our experience shows that an open conversation can achieve a lot. 

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