Privileged Access Management

VISULOX Session Recorder

Record all or individual user interactions, unavoidably or on request as an indexed film.

Transparency and authenticity. Traceable and audit-proof.

Recording of all user interactions in the form of a software-generated film, including event-based highlights

Definable storage period according to legal or organisational requirements

Encrypted and password-protected storage of all films. Storage volume of only approx. 5 megabytes per recorded hour

VISULOX Session Recorder Key Features

Who did what, when, where and how?
Answer it.

Application-based recording

Event oriented bookmarks

Mandatory or opt-in use

Encrypted and secure storage

Application-based recording

If one or more applications are set for recording, the user is informed that the current session is subject to recording. It is possible to record the entire screen content as well as selected individual application windows. Under no circumstances will the user be secretly recorded. A notice is displayed for the entire duration of the recording that it is taking place. 

Event oriented bookmarks

VISULOX Session Recorder offers the user the possibility to create free comments in an interactive annotation window, which are saved next to the film. This function offers the possibility to document additional information such as a ticket number, the reason for access or other information about the activities. The end result is an indexed, full-fledged film of the entire user session. This is provided with snapshots for quick review, as well as event flags based on the user's interactions.

Mandatory or opt-in use

Depending on the use case and the objective, it is possible to force the recording function at the start of a session or to provide a user with the option of recording for voluntary use. If the user rejects compulsory recording, he or she will not be able to use the applications.

Encrypted and secure storage

At the end of the session, the film is automatically saved, encrypted and password-protected with a predefined lifetime. After the predefined lifetime has expired, the film is automatically deleted. Films that are needed beyond this point can be checked out and are still accessible, for example to meet legal requirements. Additional information is automatically stored in each film, enabling forensic evaluation of user interactions.

Privileged Access Manager Module

Session Recorder

Record all or individual user interactions, unavoidably or on request as an indexed film.


Manage all access rules and monitor current status and user activity at a glance.


Flexible, documented and secure desktop sharing without compromising separate security zones.

Revision Server

Automated and unavoidable backup of all audit-relevant data and information.

Host Control

Restrict access from specific locations, time slots, accounts or other definable preferences.

Multi Factor Authentication

Securing access to IT and OT systems by enforcing multi-factor authentication

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