Privileged Access Management

VISULOX Host Control

Simultaneous server communication with full control over all commands and instructions.

Administrate host groups securely. Together, efficiently and securely.

Simultaneous and controlled access to freely definable host groups and endpoints 

 Administration of server farms and client networks without issuing sensitive credentials and resources

Central allocation of admin and root rights to personalised and identifiable user roles 




VISULOX Host Control

Key Feautures

Who did what, when, where and how?
Answer it.

Integrated File Exchange

Simultaneous multi-host connections

Command control and blacklisting

Endpoint configuration

Integrated File Exchange

VISULOX Host Connect offers the possibility of using an integrated upload function for large script files and information. Resumable uploads to the transit zone allow checks of defined parameters to be carried out. The upload can be used via various protocols, including https, sftp, ftp or shares. Files are prevented from entering the infrastructure in an uncontrolled manner or from entering due to the file size. centralized and documented.

Simultaneous multi-host connections

Work across hosts and servers, execute shell scripts and commands effortlessly, in a controlled and secure manner. VISULOX Host Connect helps to execute singular inputs on multiple endpoints simultaneously while remaining flexible. By providing centralised multi-host connections, VISULOX allows you to manage, control and document authorised users, login credentials and configurations centralized . 

Command control and blacklisting

As soon as a user receives privileged rights via VISULOX Host Control, he or she may use them. Central administration and complete and audit-proof documentation of all activities without exception guarantee a high level of protection. Nevertheless, it is possible to restrict these rights on several levels for groups or individual users - for the protection of the asset as well as for the protection of the privileged user. VISULOX Host Control makes it possible to check commands against dynamic whitelists or blacklists before they are issued and thus to control inputs before they are executed.

Central configuration of endpoints with secret login data

By storing credentials and sensitive resources, such as admin and root passwords or (un)protected SSL keys, it is ensured that users do not have access to these in principle, but that they can be used by the user on multiple endpoints. centralized managed by VISULOX Host Connect, privileged users have increased privileges on every host and endpoint, but the administration of these crown jewels is both organisationally and technically never within their control.

Privileged Access Management Modules

Session Recorder

Record all or individual user interactions, unavoidably or on request as an indexed film.


Manage all access rules and monitor current status and user activity at a glance.


Flexible, documented and secure desktop sharing without compromising separate security zones.

Revision Server

Automated and unavoidable backup of all audit-relevant data and information.

Host Control

Restrict access from specific locations, time slots, accounts or other definable preferences.

Multi Factor Authentication

Securing access to IT and OT systems by enforcing multi-factor authentication

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