Privileged Access Management

VISULOX Cooperation

Flexible, documented and secure desktop sharing without compromising separate security zones.

Application Sharing. Risk-free, flexible and documented.

Application sharing has become commonplace in IT operations. However, the architecture of many sharing solutions often creates hidden security gaps that connect previously separate security zones between client and internal infrastructure.

This results in a client being able to directly access data in a protected area and is therefore a significant risk factor that can be avoided.

VISULOX Cooperation Key Feautures

Who did what, when, where and how?
Answer it.

Interactive and guest mode

Separation of the safety zones

User-specific logging

Black Out and Still Alive Mode

Interactive and guest mode

VISULOX Cooperation offers the possibility for a user to share a selected application window with another user while retaining all defined settings. The second user can be activated in different modes, so that the user can either only watch or actively work in the application window. It is also possible to connect to a running session and is used, for example, to allow external employees to work flexibly and without risk under admin rights without knowing the admin password.

Separation of safety zones

Working together in a dedicated logical security zone does not mean that both users have to be in it. VISULOX Cooperation enables interactions of logically separated users through the pure application presentation. At no time is a direct network connection established between the internal and external user, all interactions take place within VISULOX Cooperation. This ensures that carefully separated security zones remain self-sufficient.

User-specific logging

VISULOX Cooperation offers the possibility to record a shared session. Reliable event logging with clear allocation of all individual user inputs is guaranteed, the actions of the individual users are made transparent separately. In order to be able to check the actions of an external employee subsequently if required, the session must be recorded and the external employee must actively agree to the recording when starting work.

Black Out & Still Alive Mode

The cooperation of an internal employee and external service provider sometimes deliberately does not take place on the same level of knowledge of passwords and internal login characteristics. VISULOX Cooperation makes it possible to temporarily block and hide user sessions unilaterally without interrupting them. Likewise, it is possible to enforce a digital "dead man's switch" to prevent unilateral, unobserved work under high authorisations.

Privileged Access Manager Module

Session Recorder

Record all or individual user interactions, unavoidably or on request as an indexed film.


Manage all access rules and monitor current status and user activity at a glance.


Flexible, documented and secure desktop sharing without compromising separate security zones.

Revision Server

Automated and unavoidable backup of all audit-relevant data and information.

Host Control

Restrict access from specific locations, time slots, accounts or other definable preferences.

Multi Factor Authentication

Securing access to IT and OT systems by enforcing multi-factor authentication

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