VISULOX Privileged Access Management


Transparent security. Individual and from a single source.

Control all administrator access to IT and OT systems centralized.

VISULOX Privileged Access Management is the only solution worldwide that combines all the functions of a privileged access solution:


  • Secure multi-layer communication
  • Role-based access to all types of IT applications - whether Windows- or UNIX/Linux-based or other OT components accessible via TCP/IP
  •  Controlled user interaction with the application
  • Fully documented data exchange
Centring heterogeneous access specifications

VISULOX Privileged Access Management enables access to various applications from systems under Windows, Mac, Linux or tablet - for power users with a client component or purely on the basis of HTML5 in the browser. Elementary security rules are observed and one principle is followed without exception:

No merging of different security zones.

Who did what, when, why and where? Answer it.

No more uncontrolled and undocumented system accesses

VISULOX Privileged Access Management is the central access component between the user and his tasks. This way, it can be documented who has access to which application and when, and who authorised it and when. The presentation of an application also takes place via VISULOX Privileged Access Management and is also documented. This gives you control and an overview of all activities in the system.

Implementation without changes to servers or clients

VISULOX Privileged Access Management transparently interposes itself between the user and the application. It serves as an extension of the user's keyboard, screen for the application. VISULOX Privileged Access Management knows how the application works and interacts with it without additional software components on the application server. The solution can communicate with any application that is accessible via a network, including the common presentation protocols RDP, SSH, X11 via Siemens S5 and S7 to Telnet and 3270 - simple and straightforward.

Privileged Access Management Modules

Session Recorder

Record all or individual user interactions, unavoidably or on request as an indexed film.


Manage all access rules and monitor current status and user activity at a glance.


Flexible, documented and secure desktop sharing without compromising separate security zones.

Revision Server

Automated and unavoidable backup of all audit-relevant data and information.

Host Control

Restrict access from specific locations, time slots, accounts or other definable preferences.

Multi Factor Authentication

Securing access to IT and OT systems by enforcing multi-factor authentication

Key Features

Just in Time Access Provision

Access can be granted on request only when it is immediately needed. In this way, SLA requirements can be met automatically. Access outside the defined specifications is not possible. 

Simplifies IT and OT operations

VISULOX Privileged Access Management shows all administrative activities within the IT and OT infrastructure at a glance. Use the option of secure desktop sharing to support operation teams, release VPN-free applications or revoke authorisations.

Centralization of access options

Dedicated access points for all external users and internal administrators allow internal and external staff to collaborate efficiently and manage the entire organisation securely.

Scalable and flexible licensing

At amitego, we know how important it is to remain capable of acting in critical situations. That is why our efficient cooperation always comes first and not our licensing model.

Why choose VISULOX Privileged Access Management ?

Together with our partners, we already integrate and support our IT security solutions for many well-known customers from a wide range of industries.


Implementation without changes to servers or clients


No more uncontrolled and undocumented system access


Ongoing development in Germany since 2003


Immediate increase in the level of cyber security


Noticeable cost and effort savings in ongoing operations

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