VISULOX Data Transfer Control


100% transparency and overview of all transferred data


Maintaining safety zones throughout


Implementation without changes to servers or clients

Transfer data. Integer, authentic and absolutely secure.

Comprehensive and complete control of data transfer

Data transmission always takes place between two end points - the user's workstation and the server on which the application used runs. In most cases, the transmission procedures are critical because they operate in an uncontrolled, anytime and undocumented manner, thus connecting the user's security zone with the company's ecosystem.

VISULOX Data Transfer Control works like the well-known security check at airports and scans every file to be transferred. Without exception, every data transfer - in or out - goes through this scan. VISULOX Data Transfer Control allows you to define fixed rules and thus control the entire data transfer.

The connection is made from the application to VISULOX Data Transfer Control and only then to the server and vice versa, so that the security zones are maintained at all times.

A transit zone allows the definition of suitable transfer parameters

In every organisation there are various requirements for secure data transfer.
VISULOX Data Transfer Control offers the possibility to easily and flexibly define rules on how, what and by whom data may be transferred according to which criteria:

  • Authorisation of users and groups 
  • Source & Destination
  • Direction: in / out / both sides
  • File size
  • Name of the files
  • Type of file or signature

In practice, this is done in a secure way: An authorised user drags and drops his or her data into a specific "transit zone" provided by VISULOX Data Transfer Control. In this zone, the relevant parameters are checked ad hoc and files are either released or rejected directly. In this zone, the corresponding parameters are checked ad hoc and files are either released, forwarded or rejected directly.

Who transferred what, when, why and where? Answer them.

Backup copies of all data moved for documentation purposes

To ensure that activities carried out can be traced at any time to fulfil audit requirements, for root cause analysis or for improvement purposes, all movements are archived via shadow copies in a verifiable and audit-proof manner. These files are never accessible to the operational administrators or users involved.

Stored and archived, collected data does not allow any direct conclusions to be drawn about transactions that have been carried out. Access to this data is logged in VISULOX Cockpit.

Only fully compliant data and information is transmitted

When a rule violation is detected, the entire data packet is blocked and an event is generated, which VISULOX Data Transfer Control documents. Optionally, further actions can be triggered automatically, such as the notification of a supervisor or the immediate blocking of a user or an application. VISULOX Transfer Data Control allows a free definition of security relevant parameters.

Check every possible option for data transmission. Seamless and inescapable.

Type and scope of manual controls are flexibly adaptable

VISULOX Data Transfer Control offers the possibility to customise the influence of approval processes.

  1. Allow: File is made available for further processing 
  2. Approval: Approval by supervisor required. The file is then made available or blocked.
  3. Passon: File is automatically processed further in the process 
  4. Passon with Approval: File is only processed automatically after approval by the supervisor. 

Depending on the use case, approval processes can be individually adapted to specific needs. 

Manage critical assets and 'out of support' facilities securely, autonomously and documented

Assets worth protecting, such as central information systems, production facilities, control centres or outdated systems, require special care and are usually located in deliberately separate network segments.

VISULOX Data Transfer Control offers the possibility to supply such systems with the required information in a dedicated and targeted manner. On the other hand, it is possible to realise a documented flow of information without dissolving security zones.

Key Features

Dedicated File Transfer Application

Transferring data via a specially developed platform offers the advantage that parameters can be individually set, directions determined and audit-proof copies controlled.

Safeguarding IT and OT operations

Automatic and manual approvals of transferred data, as well as the application of basic transport information requirements, preserve the authenticity, confidentiality and integrity of critical assets.

Rule-based Transit Zone

The communication and transport takes place obligatorily via VISULOX Data Transfer Control . This prevents security zones from being linked or unauthorised data from being transferred.

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