Two-factor authentication: more options for secure log-in

Sensitive data and systems require both simple and secure identification paths for users. The two-factor authentication (2FA) is therefore state of the art. VISULOX already integrates various and cost-effective solutions without additional hardware components. This in turn reduces the administration effort; a new user can be integrated into the system in minutes.

For the transmission of the second factor different ways can be used in VISULOX:

  • Textmessage
  • Mail
  • OTP-App on the Smartphone
  • Providing the code at a Helpdesk

These paths can also be used side by side in a system and thus adapted to individual requirements. For example, a service employee may only access a system in a production environment if the production manager releases this process. Therefore, the code is transmitted to him. The service employee only receives this when the system is ready for service.

Generic log-ins are also possible, which are particularly suitable for permanently changing employees. For such a log-in, the second factor can be forwarded to a helpdesk, where the user identity can be checked if necessary.

With the various VISULOX options, log-ins can be individually designed for different target groups and situations. This is perfect flexibility combined with high security.

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