VISULOX - Licensing

If many users use the corporate IT via remote access, it is unlikely that all are active at the same time. To take this into account, VISULOX is licensed on the basis of the simultaneously active users. This means that any number of different users can be entered as possible users, but only the maximum number of users who use the system at the same time is considered under licensing law. Because the licenses are not assigned to a specific person, all users work with their personal user ID. A sharing of access data, which often occurs for cost reasons, is not necessary.
This eliminates the need for generic accounts for a group of users and all actions can be assigned
based on the UserID logging in.

 The license side is considered:

  • Number of concurrent users
  • VISULOX Two factor usage one license per user license
  • Number of simultaneously active recording streams
  • Use of revision server Y/N
  • Number of users using Server Connect
  • Redundant or distributed system Y/N

The number or size of systems and installations, the applications or operating systems used are of no significance under licensing law.

For very small installations (up to 5 users) a fixed defined package is offered as a "finished" solution including the installation.

If you provide us with just a few details by requesting a price, we will be happy to make you an appropriate budget offer.


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