Privileged Access Management


Central control centre for easy management and monitoring of all internal and external user activities within IT and OT.

Everything under control. centralized and at all times.

The VISULOX Cockpit is the control room. Get an overview at any time of which external and internal users are online and which applications they are using.

Historical data can be viewed at any time and exported for external audits

Rule mechanisms can be created, customised and viewed, including user registrations, access controls, application usage and data transfer

VISULOX Cockpit Key Feautures

Who did what, when, where and how?
Answer it.

Live status

Rights and roles


Scalable views

Live status

The VISULOX Cockpit provides an up-to-date overview of all registered, active and inactive, internal and external users at any time. Information is available on which applications and accesses are currently being used. It is possible to terminate active sessions of individual users at any time or to foresee bottlenecks and bridge them ad hoc.

Rights and roles

All access rules and mechanisms for internal and external users are defined in VISULOX Cockpit without exception. These can be rolled out group-wide or individually coordinated. It is determined which criteria a user must fulfil for access. Whether certain time windows are defined, the release of the geo-location, a dedicated IP address or a second factor for authentication is enforced.


Targeted reports are provided and can be generated at any time to meet compliance requirements or for planning purposes. Up-to-date user statistics for continuous effort and budget planning are available as well as reports on individual user activities for the identification of errors in case of emergency. All activities that take place in VISULOX Cockpit itself are also recorded in an audit-proof manner and remain retrievable.

Scalable views 

The VISULOX Cockpit serves as a central control centre for the management of all privileged users within the IT and OT infrastructure. The VISULOX Cockpit is freely configurable and offers different views for different user groups. This ensures the separation of information and the principle of "least privileges".  

Privileged Access Manager Module

Session Recorder

Record all or individual user interactions, unavoidably or on request as an indexed film.


Manage all access rules and monitor current status and user activity at a glance.


Flexible, documented and secure desktop sharing without compromising separate security zones.

Revision Server

Automated and unavoidable backup of all audit-relevant data and information.

Host Control

Restrict access from specific locations, time slots, accounts or other definable preferences.

Multi Factor Authentication

Securing access to IT and OT systems by enforcing multi-factor authentication

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