The security of IT infrastructure is of critical importance to German energy utilities, especially given their classification as critical infrastructures under Section 8a of the German BSI Act. In order to create a central and controllable access point for their entire IT infrastructure, the introduction of a service provider portal such as VISULOX proves to be a central component of a KRITIS-compliant security strategy. This article highlights the benefits of just-in-time access, session recording and secure file transfer. a technical remote PAM service provider portal can be implemented without the addition of VPN techniques and offers a flexible and scalable licensing model.

5 key points of a KRITIS-compliant remote PAM access portal

  • Just-in-time access for enhanced security: A central service provider portal such as VISULOX enables just-in-time access for utilities by providing privileged access to sensitive IT systems in real time. Instead of static access rights, users are given only temporary permissions for the specific tasks they need to perform. This significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access and misuse. User identity is verified and authorized before access is granted, and access rights are automatically revoked upon task completion. This ensures fine-grained control over access to the IT infrastructure and minimizes the risk of insider threats.
  • Session recording for increased transparency: The service provider portal offers the ability to record and monitor sessions in real time. By recording sessions, utilities can track the entire activity history related to IT access and review it as needed. This is especially important to meet compliance requirements and identify potential security breaches. The recorded sessions serve as a valuable resource for forensic investigations, training and auditing purposes. The transparency and traceability of IT activities provides a high level of security and enables companies to respond quickly to security incidents and take appropriate action.

  • Secure file transfer for smooth collaboration: The service provider portal also offers a secure file transfer mechanism that enables encrypted and reliable transfer of sensitive files. In the energy industry, exchanging confidential information and data with external partners and suppliers is essential. The service provider portal ensures that files are transferred securely without having to resort to insecure email attachments or unauthorized cloud storage services. Implementing secure file transfer ensures data integrity and minimizes the risk of data leakage or unauthorized disclosure.

  • Implementation without VPN techniques for high efficiency: A key advantage of the service provider portal is that it can be implemented without the addition of VPN techniques. This not only reduces the complexity of the IT infrastructure, but also increases efficiency. Users can securely access the resources they need from any location without having to establish a separate VPN connection. This enables seamless collaboration and increases employee flexibility, as they are no longer tied to a specific physical network.

  • Flexible and scalable licensing model for optimal resource utilization: The service provider portal offers a flexible and scalable licensing model that enables utilities to make optimal use of their resources. They can scale licenses as needed and have the option to pay only for the features they actually use. This enables a cost-efficient implementation and at the same time offers the possibility to adapt the service provider portal to the specific requirements of the company.

The introduction of a central service provider portal such as VISULOX offers German energy supply companies, which are considered critical infrastructures, a variety of benefits. Just-in-time access, session recording and secure file transfer increase the security and transparency of the IT infrastructure. Implementation without VPN techniques improves efficiency and flexibility, while the flexible and scalable licensing model enables optimal resource utilization. By using such a service provider portal, utilities can strengthen their IT security while increasing operational efficiency.

If you are interested in receiving further information or to learn more about the advantages of a VISULOX installation in a short 15- or 30-minute demonstration, simply book it directly here.


What does amitego want to do - Remote PAM made in Germany

As a German IT security manufacturer, amitego is committed to contributing to increasing the protection of critical infrastructures. For this reason, if a company has been identified as a critical infrastructure in accordance with the BSI-G, the development of a proof of concept remains free of charge. Within two days, we jointly implement the Remote PAM Portal without making any changes to servers or clients. After a period of 35 days we evaluate together with the company if VISULOX is a suitable solution.

With over 20 years of experience, we help mid-sized and global companies reduce costs, centralize administration efforts, and significantly increase the effectiveness of remote work at the same time. You are welcome to read here how, for example, a well-known global KRITIS operator uses VISULOX as the central solution for service provider access.

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