The hacktivist group "GhostSec," which was recently observed targeting Israeli PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), has continued to demonstrate its ICS (Industrial Control Systems) hacking capabilities and has now turned its attention to the recent waves of protests in Iran.

David Krivobokov, Research Team Leader at OTORIO, an expert in operational technology (OT) systems security, addresses the current attacks:

"The hackers have released several images as evidence of successfully "hacked" systems. These screenshots show the use of SCADA modules from the Metasploit framework and a MOXA E2214 controller admin web portal after a successful login. However, it is not clear what the ultimate damaging impact of the "breached" systems is, but the case once again shows the ease and potential impact of attacking ICS that have insufficient security accounts.

(Image source: OTORIO)
(Image source: GhostSecs Telegram Channel)

In this case, the hacker collective used the Metasploit framework to attack ICS targets. Metasploit is a powerful and modular framework that enables the execution of various attacks against remote assets. Kali Linux is a Linux distribution for hackers that includes Metasploit "out-of-the-box" as well as provides specific modules for attacks on OT systems. This toolbox allows inexperienced hackers, for example, to scan Internet scanners for potential ICS targets that have open ports and use industry protocols - such as Modbus over port TCP 502 or CIP over TCP port 44818 - and then apply SCADA modules or other ICS attack tools to them.

The most worrying aspect of this development is that GhostSec had compromised PLC web interfaces two weeks ago, but is now quickly starting to look for new open source tools and to get to know different OT protocols and their capabilities better. The group of hacktivists seems to be highly motivated and has skills that are getting stronger every time.

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