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VISULOX PAM solution

Data is the gold of the 21st century - you have certainly heard this phrase before. Digitalization means that even medium-sized companies now have a large amount of data, e.g. about customers or their own production. 

This data simplifies many processes and helps companies create personalized offers. However, sensitive customer and business data is also an asset that you need to protect from outside access. 

In this article, we will show you how to secure your company's data with PAM (Privileged Access Management) security solutions. We will also discuss how you can use PAM to efficiently distribute access rights in your IT security and thus ensure that there are no unintentional data leaks. 

Cyber Security topical: Why is a solution like PAM important? 

Digitization has initiated a number of positive developments. In many companies, home offices, online meetings and stronger networking are cost savers and efficiency drivers. 

Unfortunately, to the same extent, reports of cybercrime, unintentional data leaks, and extortion in cyberspace are on the rise. 

As a result, more and more CEOs are having to try to equip their companies and, above all, their cybersecurity for the 21st century. Above all, the increased number of accesses by different users is causing problems for companies. 

To control these new challenges and secure your business model, you should upgrade your IT security with PAM. 

What is PAM Security? 

PAM (Privileged Access Management) Security refers to a solution that you use to distribute and manage privileged access rights in your company. This privileged access can be shared with external and internal, as well as human and non-human users. 

This way you can control access to sensitive data and protect your software from cybercrime. 

Which companies use PAM Security? 

PAM Security is a solution that was used for the most part in critical infrastructure a few years ago. Critical infrastructure includes, for example, network operators, public transport or water supply. 

However, in view of digitalization and the increasing mass of sensitive data and application software within companies, other industries are now also using PAM Security. 

Recently, more and more mid-sized companies are taking the plunge into digitization. Since the Corona pandemic, the number of external accesses to company data has increased rapidly due to home offices and remote workplaces. 

Therefore, the use of PAM Security has now become important for all industries and especially for medium-sized companies. Your company can also gain important competitive advantages by using PAM through reliable security measures and possible certifications. 

Individual access: How does cyber security work with PAM? 

The way a Security PAM solution works is quite easily explained if you know what PAM is. Basically, you create individual accounts that have different access rights. So each employee gets their own account, for example:

  • Your IT department can access the in-house software, but not the list of customers. 
  • In contrast, the marketing department has access to sensitive customer data, but cannot edit the software it uses to contact those customers. 

In this way, you distribute access rights to individual employees according to the "least privilege principle". This means that you grant individual employees only those access rights that are indispensable for their work. In this way, you can avoid data leaks, prevent unauthorized access, and correct errors more quickly. 

4 reasons for PAM IT Security: What speaks for the use? 

There are many good reasons to upgrade your company with PAM IT Security and thus adapt your digital access to the security demands of the 21st century. 

We have compiled four reasons that, in our experience, speak for the use of IT security in the form of PAM:

  1. Better access management 
  2. Increased traceability in the event of data leaks
  3. Faster troubleshooting
  4. Fulfillment of compliance requirements

How does PAM Cyber Security help me manage access? 

The principle behind cyber security based on a PAM solution is the efficient assignment of access rights. Only if you assign these rights precisely and exclude unauthorized users can PAM Security fulfill its purpose. 

Therefore, in any case, you need to think about the access rights that your respective employees need. This way, you or one of your employees will check exactly which people in your company are responsible for which processes. 

Once you have made the assignment according to the least privilege principle, you can conveniently control, manage and monitor these accesses. This way, the PAM Security solution gives you detailed insight into the individual tasks and allows you to manage them efficiently. 

Gone are the days of unclear permissions and unwanted changes within your cyber structures. Instead, with just a few clicks, you can distribute access rights as you wish and reassign them as needed at any time. 

What happens in the event of a data leak despite PAM Cyber Security? 

The main goal of PAM Security solutions is to prevent data leaks. By making it more difficult to access sensitive data, you accordingly prevent most data leaks. 

But despite the significantly reduced gateway for cybercrime and unauthorized access, a data leak can occur, e.g., through whistleblowers or intentional data disclosure.  

However, even in this case, the PAM Cyber Security solution will help you. Thanks to the well-documented and clearly distributed accesses, you can quickly identify the cause of the data leak. This way, you know within a few minutes how the data leak could have occurred and can think of a suitable strategy. 

This traceability of the cyber security solution with PAM helps you quickly find sensible methods to fix acute problems. 

How can I fix problems faster thanks to my PAM Network Security solution?

Picture this: There is an important update coming to your enterprise software. Your IT department works together on this update and completes it. During the test run, the worst case suddenly occurs. Your business software no longer works. 

Normally, troubleshooting now begins, which in many cases can take several days. During this time, your employees cannot work and your customers cannot reach you. Especially in medium-sized businesses, this can quickly become a real threat to your business operations. 

With our PAM Security solution, you can significantly accelerate this troubleshooting. Your employees have the option of recording their critical activities. Therefore, if an important software update is pending, for example, your IT department can independently document the work. 

In this way, the decisive error can be identified and corrected in a significantly shorter time during follow-up. In this way, you not only strengthen your IT security, but can also increase your resilience in the event of errors through PAM. 

How does PAM Information Security help me meet compliance requirements? 

Does your company operate in critical infrastructure, or do you want to demonstrate compliance certification for other reasons? Then PAM Security is almost indispensable for you. Resilience and the protection of sensitive data are of crucial importance in a certification. 

With a PAM Security solution, you can demonstrate that you are making an effort to protect data, defend against cyberattacks to a large extent, and respond quickly in the event of an emergency. 

Compliance certification can also provide a significant competitive advantage over your competitors. After all, you can prove that your company takes care of the security of customer data. 

So if you are seeking compliance certification, we at amitego can help you with our PAM IT Security solution. 

PAM Security Solution: Recognize high quality solutions like VISULOX 

If you decide to implement PAM Security software, you should make sure in advance that the solution fits your company and your budget. This way, you avoid additional effort and inefficiency during implementation, since you don't have to convert all company processes to the software first. 

In addition, you can save money by choosing the right solution, as you skip long implementation phases and your employees are not restricted in their work. You can use the money saved in this way elsewhere. 

The following tips will help you investigate PAM Security Tools and test whether the solution fits your business: 

  1. The PAM Security solution should adapt to your company! There are many PAM Security Vendors with different solutions. However, in many cases, your company needs to adapt to the software. Therefore, we have designed VISULOX PAM to be flexible enough to allow you to tailor the solution exactly to your business. 
  2. PAM Security Solutions should not be too expensive! The digital security of your company is important, but should not cost you too much. In recent years, we have repeatedly experienced that companies invest too much money in confusing VPN connections and overpriced individual solutions. That's why we at amitego have focused on creating a high-quality and customizable security PAM solution at a reasonable price. 
  3. Security PAM software should be up and running quickly! The implementation of the solution should not unnecessarily hold up your company's business operations. For this reason, amitego provides you with a feasibility analysis (proof of concept) in just three days. Our solutions (PAM, Remote Support, Data Transfer Control software) are therefore usually ready for use after 24 hours and help you to secure your data and access. 

VISULOX IT Security: Implement PAM in only 4 steps

Implementing a PAM Security solution in your company is quick and easy with amitego at your side. You can implement our VISULOX PAM software in your company in just four steps: 

  1. Arrange an initial meeting: Would you like to implement a PAM Security solution in your company and don't know where to start? Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation initial consultation. Together we will take a look at your company's IT security and find out how you can best protect your access. 

In this meeting we would like to get to know you and your requirements, so that we can tailor our VISULOX software exactly to your company. In addition, we will show you how our solution works in detail by means of a demo.

  1. We create a proof of concept: After we have received the information about you and your company, we check whether a PAM Security solution is feasible in your company. 

We then provide you with a detailed report on whether and how the Security PAM solution can be integrated into your company. In this way, we ensure that our software significantly increases IT security in your company and that no problems arise during integration. 

  1. Get an overview of the accesses: In the next step, you should determine which employees need which accesses. Pay attention to the least privilege principle and only grant the necessary access rights. If you notice afterwards that an employee has been granted too few access rights, this can be easily remedied. 

If, on the other hand, you have distributed too many access rights, this often only becomes apparent in the event of a data leak. Therefore, you should rather use the access rights sparingly and distribute additional rights afterwards in case of an emergency. 

  1. Deploy the software in your company: Our experts will take care of the lightning-fast installation of the software in your company. Within just one day, the PAM Security Tool is ready for use and you can protect yourself and your company against data leaks and cybercrime. 

The quick integration of the software into your workflows saves you time and money, as your employees only have to spend a small amount of working time on the implementation. To make the transition even smoother, we additionally offer consulting and training for the use of VISULOX.  

PAM: IAM Security with more specialization? 

IAM (Identity and Access Management) and PAM (Privileged Access Management) are often used as synonyms. However, the two concepts of user account management are not congruent. But what is the difference between IAM and PAM Security? 

What is meant by IAM? 

The term IAM (Identity and Access Management) initially covers all forms of identity control. IAM generally manages access within your company without any specific prioritization within users.

Why is PAM referred to as an extension of IAM? 

The important difference between a PAM Security Solution and IAM is the focus on privileged users. In the enterprise context, these users could be, for example, the marketing department (access to sensitive customer data) or the IT department (access to the enterprise software). 

Thus, IAM is always the foundation of PAM. However, a PAM security solution is an extension of IAM, as it goes beyond general management. In addition to managing access, PAM allows you to control access in detail and distribute it precisely to the respective employees.

Which is better: PAM or IAM?

The precise distribution of access rights in Security PAM solutions allows you to avoid data leaks and directly locate the affected access in the event of cyber attacks. 

Thus, implementing a PAM Security solution can indeed increase the security in your company compared to just using IAM.

However, the question of whether a security PAM solution is better than IAM software is not so simple. This is because a PAM solution is always also an IAM solution, albeit a specialized one. 

Efficient & flexible: amitego supports you in protecting your data & accesses

The conversion of your own work processes and company software to a Security PAM solution can be very time-consuming and costly. For this reason, our software VISULOX adapts to your company!

Over the past few years, we have designed our PAM solution to be as flexible as possible, so that you can get a proof of concept in as little as three days and deploy the solution after another 24 hours. 

This way you can protect your company from unauthorized access in a short time without having to invest more money than necessary. Contact us today and see for yourself with a demo!

In addition to our PAM software, we have also created two other solutions to help you build a digital barrier to cybercrime: 

  • With our Remote Support software, you can securely access your company's software from anywhere. Data security, digital access and location-independent working are with Remote Support no longer contradictions! 
  • Our Data Transfer Control ensures that no gateway for cybercrime is created, even during the transmission of critical data. 

With our solution, you always have an overview of which data in your company has been transferred for which purpose, by whom, to whom. Secure data transport is also possible remotely with our Transfer Protocol!

Seal data leaks in your company with VISULOX PAM Security

The leap into the digital age is a hot topic for more and more companies. This makes it all the more important that you protect your company from the dangers of digitization and thus prevent the leap from becoming a free fall.

With our VISULOX PAM Security solution you benefit from: 

  • ... efficient management of privileged access, which increases the security of your company. 
  • ... a fast implementation that allows you to protect your accesses from third-party access and data leaks after just a few days and without massive financial outlay.
  • ... a handy tool that helps you better understand and quickly fix errors when working with the software. 

Don't leave your company's security to chance, use VISULOX PAM, a tool that adapts to you and your individual situation. 

In recent years, we have protected clients in a wide range of industries from criminal activity - from logistics to suppliers and IT companies to the critical infrastructure. Convince yourself of our expertise and arrange a non-binding initial consultation

We look forward to meeting you and showing you how our Security PAM solution protects your sensitive data and access to your software. 

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