Session records for accountability and PCI DSS compliance.

PAM solution for PCI DSS

Even the best strategy for securing privileges cannot ward off every potential threat. Policies, training, and third-party reviews are important, but it is impossible to address every situation and behavioral risk in advance.

These days, our customers can rely on session recording and monitoring to keep things secure. If a privileged user adds a backdoor account or makes an unauthorized configuration change, your team can determine who accessed the system, quickly verify what they did, and respond accordingly.

Session monitoring and recording capabilities give you another layer of control and let you hold users who access privileged accounts accountable for their actions.

PCI DSS - the undisputed industry standard for securing credit card transactions

The PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is an industry standard for credit card data security. As such, it requires companies that accept credit card payments to take certain measures to protect their customers' sensitive card and transaction data. One of these measures is the monitoring of all privileged sessions in which card or transaction data can be accessed.

Did you know that 50% of companies still fail their annual PCI audit?

Forbes UK, 2022

Increasingly stringent compliance requirements require organizations to monitor actions performed through privileged accounts, and that can be quite a challenge. Because privileged credentials are a prime target for cybercriminals - often enabling access to cardholder data - PCI DSS 4.0 focuses on controlling and protecting privileged accounts.

Of the 12 major sections of PCI DSS 3.2, six measures relate directly to high-privilege management.

How can a PAM solution with session monitoring and tailored reporting directly meet the requirements of PCI DSS 4.0?

Requirement 2.6
Protect the hosted environment and cardholder data: Restrict access to system components and cardholder data to those whose job requires such access.

VISULOX Privileged Access Management
Session monitoring and reporting provide critical protection for cardholder data by controlling all access to hosted environments, limiting privileges to the minimum, and monitoring all activity.

Requirement 7.2
Establish an access control system: establish an access control system that restricts access based on a user's need to know and is set to "deny all" unless specifically allowed.

VISULOX Privileged Access Management
Following the principles of "Need to know" and "Least Privileges", the solution is integrated as Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for privileged credentials as a central access point. Setting up restrictions and monitoring sensitive accounts through session recording and monitoring ensures that you are able to meet these requirements and create an immutable and auditable audit trail. Another important control aspect is the ability to quickly terminate a session if needed or to join in as needed.

Requirement 10.1
Link access to users: Implement audit trails to link all access to system components to each individual user.

VISULOX Privileged Access Management
Session monitoring and recording gives your team immutable logs of who accessed which privileged credentials and when. In addition, the solution eliminates all anonymous user accounts and ensures that every user in the system can be assigned to a unique person at any time.

Requirement 10.2
Implement automated audit trails: Implement automated audit trails for all system components to reconstruct events.

VISULOX Privileged Access Management
Reporting capabilities allow your team to record and review the exact actions taken during a session. This is extremely helpful when auditors need to reconstruct events. Likewise, recordings contain event-flag-based jump labels for quick orientation. Furthermore, there is the possibility to search graphical movies via OCR and to identify critical keywords within the key-stroke.

Requirement 10.3
Record specific audit events: At a minimum, record the following audit trail entries for all system components for each event: User ID, event type, date and time of accesses, source of access, ...

VISULOX Privileged Access Management
User identification, type of event, date and time, success or failure of display, origin of event, identity or name of affected data, system component or resource

All audit trail requirements are met with session recording, allowing auditors and your security administrators to associate a privileged event with a single user.

Requirement 10.5
Secure audit trails: Secure audit trails so that they cannot be changed

VISULOX Privileged Access Management
Reporting capabilities allow your team to record and review the exact actions taken during a session. All records and evidence are stored in an audit-proof, encrypted, pseudonymized manner outside the access range of the responsible administrators. If desired, access to evidence is only possible in a true 4-eyes principle.

Requirement 10.6
Log and security event review: Review logs and security events for all system components to detect anomalies or suspicious activity.

VISULOX Privileged Access Management
Session monitoring capabilities give PAM administrators visibility into all privileged user sessions in real time or after the fact. Event-based logging information ensures they know when active sessions are initiated, or they can use their SIEM solution to correlate these events and log them with different alert levels based on severity. If an administrator detects something troubling, they can send a message directly to the user or quickly terminate a session if necessary.

Requirement 10.7
Retain audit history: retain audit history for at least one year, with at least three months immediately available for analysis (e.g., online, archived, or recoverable from backup).

VISULOX Privileged Access Management
It is critical to retain accurate historical data, by using a sophisticated PAM solution it is never possible for your team, third parties or external partners to delete a sensitive record without authorization.

Forensic audits of all privileged account activity provide the security organizations need. With an advanced PAM solution, privileged sessions can be recorded, archived and replayed whenever you need to review them activities as part of compliance or forensic audits. All keystrokes during privileged sessions can also be recorded and records searched for sensitive data via OCR. You get an end-to-end audit trail from the first time a secret is checked out until the user logs off at the end of the session. Once a session is recorded, it is stored in an audit-proof manner and archived according to your organization's retention policies.

What do you and your auditors need to know?

Simply knowing who has logged into a system with administrative privileges is no longer sufficient for most compliance requirements. It is necessary to keep a complete record of privileged session activity. If someone deliberately leaks data, adds malicious code, or makes an unauthorized change, it must be possible to review what is happening and respond quickly to prevent further damage.

VISULOX Privileged Access Management
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