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1. zero trust - what is it?

Zero Trust is a concept that states that no network user is trustworthy per se. Instead, each user and component must first prove their trustworthiness before they can access the network. This concept is often applied in IT networks, but it also has great potential for OT network security. As more OT devices and systems become networked, the risk of attackers gaining access to these networks also increases. However, by applying the Zero Trust approach, an organization can better protect itself from such threats. Zero Trust is thus a very important concept for OT network security. However, it is also important to note that it is not the only solution to all security problems. A company should therefore always take several security measures to protect itself as well as possible against attacks.

2. how zero trust works in OT networks

Zero Trust is a model for networks based on the principle of trusting no single component of the network. Instead, every component is considered potentially dangerous and every action is carefully scrutinized. This model ensures that no component of the network is given access to sensitive information unless explicitly authorized to do so. The Zero Trust model was originally developed to address security vulnerabilities in enterprise networks. However, in recent years, it has been increasingly used in other domains, particularly industrial control (OT) technology. Increasing threats to OT networks have led many organizations to adopt a zero-trust strategy to better protect their systems. A zero-trust network is not necessarily more complex or expensive than a traditional network. In fact, in many cases, it can be simpler and less expensive because there are no trusted components that can potentially be abused. For organizations looking to move their networks to Zero Trust, there are a few things to consider. First, it is important to ensure that all components of the network are properly configured and have no security vulnerabilities. It is also important to ensure that every action on the network is carefully monitored and authorized. Finally, it is important to perform regular monitoring actions and adjust the configuration of the network if necessary.

3. advantages of Zero Trust in OT networks

  • 3.1 Increased security
    A key benefit of Zero Trust is the increased security it provides. By separating networks and eliminating trusted components, it becomes much more difficult to penetrate a network. In addition, every action on the network must be carefully monitored and authorized, which also helps ensure that security breaches can be detected and fixed more quickly.
  • 3.2 Easier monitoring
    Another advantage of Zero Trust is that it makes it easier to monitor the network. By separating networks, each network can be monitored more easily. Also the configuration of the network is easier and can be adjusted faster.
  • 3.3 Improved Collaboration
    Another benefit of Zero Trust is the improved collaboration it enables. By separating networks, different teams can collaborate more easily because each team has its own network and cannot penetrate the other team's network.

4. challenges in implementing Zero Trust in OT networks.

Moving to a zero-trust model is a major challenge for many enterprises. By separating networks, many companies have to completely rebuild their existing networks. The cost of implementing a zero-trust model is also very high.

Zero trust is an important concept for OT network security. It means that no network user or device is automatically trusted and every request must be carefully checked. VISULOX is the zero trust solution that enables network administrators to see exactly what is going on in their networks and who is trying to access which resources. By using VISULOX, network administrators can ensure that only authorized users can access authorized resources. Zero trust is a security strategy that helps companies make their networks more secure. The idea is that no network user is automatically trusted - everyone has to earn it first. This means that all network activities are monitored and verified before they are allowed. With VISULOX, companies can integrate this security strategy into their OT networks. By monitoring and controlling all network activities, VISULOX can make zero trust work in OT networks and increase security.

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