As a provider of a leading Privileged Access Management solution with a focus on documented access protection for external users and remote maintenance, we have made it a point since 2003 to ensure that all development work takes place in Germany. A PAM solution from Germany to protect medium-sized companies, multinational organisations and above all: critical infrastructures.

"Media reports about cyber attacks on the economy, state and society appear almost daily.

According to the 2017 cyber security survey by the Alliance for Cyber Security, almost 70% of companies and other institutions in Germany have fallen victim to cyber attacks in the past two years. In about half of the cases, the attackers were successful, with every second of these attacks resulting in production or operational downtime."

Identify cyber risks, implement protective measures with VISULOX

"Companies must therefore be able to adapt to the extremely dynamic threat situation at short notice. Up-to-date information, exchange of knowledge and experience as well as the continuous development of security competences are essential for successfully dealing with cyber risks.

The Federal Office for Information Security offers you all this with the Alliance for Cyber Security.
(Source: Homepage Alliance for Cyber Security)

Privileged access for controlled remote maintenance

Privileged access to IT and OT infrastructures by third parties, e.g. for controlled remote maintenance, is within the scope of any resilient cyber security strategy of sustainable organisations.

With VISULOX we offer a German, easy-to-integrate, VPN-free solution to the documented and secure access to protected assets for all internal and external users. centralized and uncomplicated to implement during operationwithout agents on endpoints or modifications to servers or clients.

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