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The VISULOX recording feature offers a first-class, award-winning solution for centralised, software-based video recording of screen activities performed by privileged users.

Like a »video« flight recorder the module logs the screen activities of remotely connected Administrators. Keystroke logging is also available as an option.

Data protection is guaranteed at all times:

  • The administrator must agree to each recording and the films are saved in encrypted form
  • If needed the data is archived on a separate server.

(A film requires an average of 3.5 MB hard disk space per hour of an active session.)

Visual transparency

The video films and supplementary keystroke logs, produced by VISULOX, provide documented evidence of all actions carried out on business critical systems by authorised privileged users, not just functional accounts such as “sysadmin” or “root”.

The films also allow companies to adhere to existing laws such as the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and other compliance regulations.

VISULOX video recording allows the business to record screen activities to retain control over the processes in the data center. Remote access required by internal and external IT specialists to perform tasks including, system administration, maintenance and operation are now transparent, documented and readily available.

Recording is the logging of all interactions of the pUser with an application on a flash film. The data volume of the films depend on the size, color depth, and interaction amout. The total volume size sums up anywhere from 3.5 to 10 MB per hour.  

Experience shows that recordings have a positive effect on the quality of work and contribute to the avoidance of fraud.

In an individual company’s policy a definition will be made as to which pUser or groups of pUsers and which application usages are to be recorded.

The film will also be automatically supplemented by the system with a footnote that entails time, session ID, user name and used objects. The recording cannot be disabled by the pUser and can thus not be bypassed by the pUser.