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The VISULOX Management Desk allows access to the online status, search and evaluation of the stored data and the viewing of Flash films. The Management Desk can be used role-based.

The following functions are available:

  • Audit Trail is used for chronological account of events.
  • Under Online one can see, which pUser is currently engaged with which application and who is working in the cooperation mode.
  • Retrievable in the archive are all the past logins and logouts of the pUsers, applications used, and the transactions and file transfers.
  • With Access Control the access is controlled, split based on profile and temporary permits. The task tickets are also (budget-based) administrated here.
  • Under Reports one can generate reports in the format of CSV, HTML or XML from all mentioned sources.

Audit Trail Report

Reports from the audit information. A new application and host has been created in OSGD datastore. This was assigned to a user.

Current Access Report

Report on the current access status.

Single Session Report

This is the session report on the use of MulitXterm by the user Zappa. It shows the attempt to build a SSH connection.