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VISULOX Access Control includes a two-layered access control

First step is a login using the personal UserID and Password via a secure https connection.

Optional a two factor authentification (2FA) may be integrated. VISULOX allows to enforce that based on user location base (remote IP) VISULOX 2FA or any other product can be integrated.

After successfull login in step 1, the user gets a list of the appllcations assigned to him

The list is dependend on the assigned applications to different role(s) in the userrepository and may be adopted userspecific.

User Privileges are assigned based the single apllications together with VISULOX access rules like time or allowed user loaction.

In case all rules are fullfilled, the appliaction can launched by the user and the work can be fullfilled identical to the way before integrating VISULOX.