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The VISULOX Management Console is the central component to control, and manage the complete remote access services

The Management Console presents the actual online Status, offers the access to the historical data and allows to play the session recordings.

That allows you to get all Relevant system information in different views, down to user or aplliaction level.

  • Online-Status – who is logged in, which sessions are active, which apllications are in use
  • Datentransfers – log of all successful or denied file Transfers
  • Reporting – All historical data presented in reports Either to support an audit or to do root cause Analysis
  • Historical data  – Logs, videos etc – stored till the customer defined live time is reached

The Management Desk can be used and distrubuted role-based.

Privileges maybe assigned to single users or based on userroles. Those may be restricted on defined timeschedules

Access Privileges are assigned to the user using.  

Funktional accounts like admin or root and their Privileges can be assigned to individuals. Within the VISULOX system their activities are always traced based on their personal UserID.  

CONTROL and Documentation

VISULOX comes with comprehensive predefined reports which can be created using the management desk. In case there is a need for different reports, data can be exported to different Formats to get the data in a form needed.

The finctionality of the management Konsole may be Split up- Subviews can be defined for individual usergroups like UNIX Admin, WIN Admin or location based. All functionality is available then in the subview group, but not any access on the data outside this group is possible.

That functionality is increasing the effectiveness of the IT operation – without any impact on the central management ability.