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With VISULOX IT employees and service providers, connected via remote means, can also carry out data transfers, uploading and downloading files according to the rules of the business security policy.

All transfers are monitored and logged by Visulox, even activities such as cut & paste, to ensure security and transparency.

All users which are allowed to Transfer data are granted the access to use the file Transfer Applikation — otherwise they cannot Transfer any data.

Incoming and outgoing data pass through an inspection zone before they are forwarded. This process limits risk, as all data reaches the applications servers in a controlled way.

Visulox checks and documents the sender, recipient, location and time, along with information concerning the data content and/or file types (e. g. executable files) to be transmitted. This aspect of Visulox ensures that sensitive data is securely protected and complies with standards including the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and/or other compliance specifications such as PCI DSS and are handled accordingly.  

As Visulox automatically saves the incoming and outgoing data, in encrypted form, data can also be traced later. On request, the files will be archived on a separate server.

Controlled data movement

The Management Desk of VISULOX enables the viewing of data transmissions logs. In either a role-based or person-specific user profile, access rights are defined detailing which files and content the user may receive, send, upload or download. It is also possible to permit or prohibit the cut & paste function. If an IT employee tries to carry out an unauthorised action, for example, sending a data format, VISULOX will prevent this action and generate a corresponding logged event.

Using VISULOX ensures that all data transfers are documented, transparent and can be verifiable.