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VISULOX Dual Control – Controlled secure access to high sensitive data and systems

Dual Control – The synchronious and non bypassable 4 eyes Control mechanism.

An application defined to be started in the Dual Control mode, can only be started when both defined participants are logged into that session. A triggermechanism controls that both parties show activity continously. Only when that is fullfilled, working is possible.

In case one one the participants is leaving his workplace or is not showing attention and therefore is not activly sending the triggersignal, the sessioninput is blocked by VISULOX for both sides. When both are active again, the work can be continued.

Sharing responsibility and knowledge

VISULOX enables your distributed IT members and external serviceproviders to work together, easily share skills and experiences in an controlled environment. This way of Interaktion is very efficient, cost effective and flexible. Additionally you keep all your data in your environment and thereby you increase your secuity level in parallel.