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The module allows the operator of VISULOX environment, the use of individual commands or scripts by users limit.

Scripts are to run often used by users to automate repetitive command sequences. Each user usually creates his own scripts, he adapts quickly and usually umdokumentiert when needed.

But apart from the indisputable advantages, these include some elementary risks. Such as: they are not tested before it is used mostly!

Each user has the possibility depose ALL commands (Shutdown, User change, modify rights, etc.)::

  • Each user uses his own scripts
  • Scripts are usually documented
  • If the creator is no longer active in the company, it needs to be rebuilt
  • If you change the system environment no update to the scripts is done
  • Contents of scripts are not comprehensible
  • Scripts are run on servers for which they are not intended

Command GUARD

VISULOX  Command GUARD module allows the user to carry out only those commands that are provided in a repository of Visulox specifically for this purpose and originating from the operator of the plant.

These are tested and checked for formal correctness and. Thus, the use is risk-free, even in critical environments.

In addition, a list of servers is defined, which may be addressed by the external users.

Tried the users now enter a locked command or to start their own script, which contains a blocked command, an error message is displayed and it prevented the execution.

In addition can be carried out other actions that are defined by the operator (mail to IT operation, blocking the session, …)

By this method, a source of risk within the IT operation is ruled out, a lot of effort by multiple creation of scripts avoided and promoted a formal uniform creation.

Command GUARD

Cross-Server Application

To simplify the users work presents him VISULOX the option, to speak more than one server or predefined groups of servers simultaneously. He can select the desired group, and then start a “higher-level” command line or a command scripts, which is then deposited simultaneously on all target systems. Thus, the option provides the user with a significant increased security with less effort and the user can efficiently use all shared scripts.