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The 2 Factor Authentication, which minimizes the security risk that may arise through hacking or unauthorized disclosure of access, is used to ensure the secured access to the Data Center.

The security risk, which may arise through spying or unauthorized disclosure of access is minimized.

In addition to user ID and password protection is achieved through the use of another access component, the temporary Access Pin (TAP). This temporary code is regenerated for each login by VISULOX, transmitted to the user and verified after entering through the system.

VISULOX doesn’t require any additional physical components and uses existing resources: mobile phone or Email system.

Upon agreement. the user can also request the TAP by call at the service desk.

The TAP is a code that has 4 – 12 characters, is randomly selected, is never repeated within a week and has a defined lifetime.

Length, lifetime, interface and texts are configurable in Visulox – Policy Manager.

Different TAP policies can be stored. 

Policies are hereby defined based on username, group membership and the remote IP address.  

The remote IP address is not the IP address of the client, but rather the IP address seen by VISULOX.

In most cases this is the NAT’ing router and thus an official IP address. The policies can therefore be tailored to used communication paths. For example, if the user works in the internal network, the need for TAP will be waived, in the event that the user works from a remote workstation over the Internet, the user will only be granted access with TAP.

Phone numbers and email addresses are provided through the User Repository.

Each potential user can be equipped with an access possibility, even if the user rarely logs in.

The resulting license costs for VISULOX are limited to users working at the same time.