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VISULOX offers a licensing model in that the needs of a remote access solution is adjusted.

Mostly there are many possible users of which only a relatively small number are active simultaneously.

Therefore, the licensing model is always built on the basis of simultaneous (concurrent) usage.

The following software components of the solution are VISULOX royalty-sided available:

Basic license

  • A base license is always required

  • A redundant installation requires 2 basic licenses

  • All locations with own VISULOX instances require their own basic license

User license

  • A “VISULOX User License” is required per concurrently active users

  •  These can be purchased with or without 2FA option.

Recorder license

Since the number of required Recorder licenses varies always customized, they are licensed as a parallel recording session.

Revision Server

If the audit server can be used, a license system must be present.

Command GUARD

Per session, in which the monitor is to be active in parallel, a license is required.


A “Remote Access System” consists of a redundant VISULOX system, as well as a revision VISULOX Server. 250 users of which are used for the same time online every three applications simultaneously. On average one recorded it. Command GUARD is defined as an option for 25 users, and the Integrated 2FA function is to be used.

This leads to the following License Requirements:

  • 2 x Visulox Base Licenses
  • 250 Visulox user licenses with 2FA option
  • 750 applications, 250 Recorder Recorder = 250 Visulox licenses
  • 25 Script Supervision licenses
  • Revision 1 Server License

For more than 50 users, we offer an »extended license use right« – the possibility to use more licenses than contractually agreed.

During the following year, the license requirements are calculated on the basis of licenses actually used and there must be an additional licensing lack of licenses under certain circumstances.