Visulox, developed by our partner amitego engineering GmbH, is a software suite for the central management of remote access by privileged users to the business critical IT infrastructure. Visulox is an extension to Oracle Secure Global Desktop (OSGD).

Oracle Secure Global Desktop – secure access to centralised, server-hosted applications from a wide variety of popular client devices – is enhancing functionality through:

  • Management – centralised management and reporting of users access rights
  • Recording – software-based video recording of screen activities by privileged users
  • Cooperation/Helpdesk – remote collaboration and implementation of the dual control principle
  • Data Flow Control – controlled, documented data transfers with content check
  • Auditing – secure (audit-proof) archiving of important and sensitive data
  • 2FA – tokenless two factor authenticaion enhancment

Visulox offers a complete solution. Visulox is unique in its ability to manage, monitor, document, check and approve all remote access by internal and external administrators to critical business systems. Visulox achieves this without breaching data protection requirements.


Benefits of Visulox

  • Central, unavoidable, role and rule-based access control and management
  • Visulox and OSGD support a whole variety of application servers and clients
  • All the benefits of OSGD: security, availability, scalability, ease of operation and maintenance, cost savings – through centralisation, standardisation and integration with the help of virtualisation
  • No changes to servers and clients
  • Secure, high-performance environment
  • Integration of LDAP / Active Directory and two-factor authentication
  • Flexible configuration with or without redundancy, including load distribution over several security zones