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If your remote access is already based on OSGD, VISULOX Helpdesk is just an extension, easy to integrate and use.

It offers the split of management views and the cooperartion functionality. Having The Helpdesk installed, you may create different views for groups of OSGD Users. The split can be done by region, or location, application usage based, OS based and so on. The result ist hat you may have multiple supervisors who are having access on their dedicared groups only.

That makes the management much easier, as the number of users is smaller and their scope is much more homogenious.

Within that group the user may ask for cooperation support. Then the supervisor can join the session and support in different modes. Either just having a look onto the screen or joining with the possiblity to intercat in that session.

In case there are inputs needed like passwords, which shall not be shared with the user, the supervizor can switch oo the display of his counterpart during entering the information.

By doing so there is no need to share passwords with other users and therefore there is no need to change the password after a session. When the users ends the session he cannot log in again as he does not know the password.

Different from most other solutions for sharing the session window, in this case there are no data transfered to the cleint or another server outside the datacenter.

So VISULOX Helpdesk fullfills the security needs oft its customer at all.

The software is currently in English, German, French and Spanish provided.