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From conceptual design through to the complete integration of the solution, amitego approved consultants will ensure project success.

The early involvement of amitego consultants will help minimise project risks, saving time and reducing costs.

Architecture consulting

In a joint workshop, with amitego, all the relevant information about a company’s IT infrastructure and future solution requirements will be discussed. amitego consultants will then assist in the architectural design of the solution, using the data collected from the workshop to create and plan a “Proof of Concept” or alternatively implement the final installation and/or migration. Resulting in a tailor-made solution that will meet individual specific requirements.

Proof of Concept

The “Proof of Concept” offers the opportunity to test the amitego solution in a live IT environment under business conditions. This has the benefit of identifying customisations and enhancements to the solution to ensure project success. VISULOX does not require any changes to servers or clients and can, therefore, be implemented and removed with little impact to business. Within an agreed timescale, amitego AG will design a solution. The solution is then tested to ensure it meets business requirements and the user’s expectations. Following a trial period, the solution can be implemented throughout the business.