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amitego AG offers a complete service portfolio for all project phases, from evaluation to maintenance and support. Businesses benefit from an amitego solution. amitego’s services are designed to be flexible and based on our client requirements.

First-class service for first-class solutions

amitego’s experienced and professional consultants will ensure the quality of the solutions provided.

Services available:

  • Advice and support regarding the architecture, functionality, installation and migration of the solution – with the service “Consulting”.

  • Individual software adaptations and enhancements – with the service “Individual Development”.

  • Full support to ensure that users will be able to utilise the solution efficiently – with the service “Maintenance and Support”.


The services cover all software products available from amitego, e.g. for Visulox, Oracle Secure Global Desktop (except for individual development) and SysDIAG.

All services are provided by experienced, certified amitego consultants or one of amitego’s authorised global partners.

amitego – The right solutions and services