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Compliance – a universal requirement

Companies and organisations are required to comply with an increasing number of regulations and standards.

These range from national or cross-border legislation such as the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Along with industry-specific requirements such as PCI DSS, general standards such as ISO/IEC 27001 and also individual corporate guidelines. The focus is on protection against risk, internal control systems and internal and external reporting.

For companies, compliance with the relevant regulations is a core component of business activities. Business and regulatory control requirements compliment each other, they both have similar goals. For example, data protection, information security, traceability, accountability and demonstrability. Consequently, compliance measures can contribute to optimising business processes and information.

IT processes, compliant with regulations, fulfill business objectives

To make use of the opportunities offered by compliance, companies require IT processes that meet with the regulations and are complimentary to the business objectives. VISULOX ensures these processes adhere to the company workflows so that the necessary controls (e. g. approvals) become an integral part of the business process. Using VISULOX the processes and changes to data are documented by the system and prepared for reporting. The benefits to the company include:

  • minimised risk
  • increased efficiency
  • transparency
  • reduced costs.

Control throughout the company

amitego’s solution supports internal control systems, secure rule-based IT processes and comprehensive reporting. The VISOLUX software suite offers centralised functions for access management, monitoring, logging and encryption for data exchange, archiving and reporting. Important principles such as dual-control, segregation of duties and minimum level of information can be flexibly implemented.