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amitego AG

Switzerland based amitego AG is a company that specialises in the sale and service of solutions. amitego’s solutions ensure secure remote access by privileged users to IT infrastructures. amitego’s solutions make this access transparent and controllable and ensures that fundamental requirements, the protection of data, are met while complying with current laws and regulations.

amitego engineering GmbH

Visulox has been developed by amitego engineering GmbH (former: ToolBox Solution). amitego engineering is currently the world’s only supplier of a client- and server- independent central solution for the digital visual logging of user activities as a film (session recording).

As our product Visulox is based on OSGD, we have an extensive knowledge of OSGD, since we consistently continue to pursue further development. amitego engineering functions as a worldwide consultant for OSGD amitego engineering addresses and solves the complex requirements regarding remote access.

amitego LatinoAmericana Ltd

In February 2015, the amitego LatinoAmericana Ltd has been established with headquarters in Guatemala City. The amitego LatinoAmericana serves customers and partners in the region from Mexico to Argentina plus the Caribbean Islands. The management of the Firm Mr. Julio Duarte took over, who has worked in the course of his career as an IT Consultant and Sales Consultant at IT System companys in the region. He has also worked as a visiting lecturer at the University of Guatemala.